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About Us

RFID Tags and Services (RFTS) is leading solution providers and distributor of RFID hardware - RFID Tags (Contact and Contactless), Inlays(LF, HF, NFC, and UHF), RFID Readers, RFID Reader Antennas and related service(printing and encoding). RFTS distributes established & proven products from leading manufacturers of International repute as well specialize in designing custom products based on our partner needs.

RFTS has vast experience in RFID implementations and have credit for several live sites and unique pilot traces across diverse market verticals deployed by its vibrant & experienced team. RFTS partners and helps in

  •   Improving business processes where identification, authentication, automation and track and trace are of prime concern.
  •   It uses the highly accurate, real-time and unattended monitoring capability of the RFID systems.

RFTS capability is in effectively providing ready-made and customized solutions along with Middle-wares in various market segments namely

  •   Media and Document Management System
  •   Global Supply Chain
  •   Industrial Applications
  •   Demanding logistical and industrial applications
  •   Enterprise Access Control
  •   Government ID
  •   Retail
  •   Public Transport
  •   Warehouse Management, Work in progress, Production monitoring and tracking
  •   Supply Chain and Asset Management
  •   Parking Management - Car Access and Automatic Vehicle ID systems

Our technical expertise combined with variety of product ranges has enabled RFTS to render effective & efficient service to reputed System Integrators, Solution Providers and Software companies in India. Our customers trust us as their sourcing partner for all types of RFID products and we assist and synergize with them towards the Setting up of Hardware, Encoding, solution integration, development, testing and deployment of the RFID projects.

To help secure and fast data transactions RFTS promotes Dual-interface cards, a proven solution for contact, contactless on a single card with some shared storage and processing and excellent electrical performance. Dual interface application cover e-Governance , high security identity cards, banking and public transport. It offers advanced attack resistance and high performance, and can live up to high reliability and durability demands for guaranteed 10 years.

RFTS Service Bureau

RFTS additionally has the expertise and the capability to print & encode the Label/Cards In House. Our in-house label printing and encoding operations enable us to produce bar code and other variable-imprint labels for you. It's fast and economical, plus it eliminate the capital, labor and inventory expenses that can be associated with doing it yourself. This printing can be done on various types of Tags and Cards based on customer requirement. With established QC processes and in-line checks, we ensure high quality printing and readability of Cards.