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Document Management System

There is a growing demand for individual document Tracking. Management of important documents at single sheet level is always a challenge. Many previous attempts to solve the problem cannot meet one single, fundamental requirement:

To gain 100% accuracy in scanning a stack of important documents

Failure to meet this requirement means spending longer time for check in/out process, making mistakes with higher chances, and wasting valuable time in searching through files and boxes, and possibly searching all over the world.

With RFTS – File and Document Management System, the management of important documents is just a simple “Check & Go". Every single sheet of paper could be checked and verified once the files are placed on the reader – even in excess of a hundred, and it is done with just a few seconds. No more folder opening and resealing, no more scanning to every label one by one.

Document trays with Readers can now hold as many as one hundred documents that can be read at one time. The number of documents read simultaneously can grow to the thousands just by adding more antennae in the read vicinity.

The process begins when a critical document is received. The file is commissioned into the RFID asset tracking system by adding a passive UHF RFID tag to the record. RFID tags are typically small adhesive labels that can be easily applied to files and folders, records and evidence. The tagged item is then received into inventory and added to the asset management database using a handheld or hands-free Readers.

RFTS provides off-the-shelf document tracking software with all necessary features and functions for a complete document management. In addition, RFTS also provides system integration as well as tailor-made service to integrate the hardware and software with client’s existing system and environment.

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