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Document Management System

There is a growing demand for individual document Tracking. Management of important documents at single sheet level is always a challenge. Many previous attempts to solve the problem cannot meet one single, fundamental requirement:

To gain 100% accuracy in scanning a stack of important documents

Failure to meet this requirement means spending longer time for check in/out process, making mistakes with higher chances, and wasting valuable time in searching through files and boxes, and possibly searching all over the world.  Read more...

File and Document Tracking System(FDTS)

File and Document tracking System allows an employee to locate any item quickly and precisely no matter where in the office it is located. The workflow process is streamlined and the information is readily accessible. The result is increased worker productivity and efficiency, allowing personnel to utilize their time in more effective ways.

Customers and clients will also benefit when your company’s records assets are well managed. With the ability to locate and manage records more efficiently, response time to a customer’s needs is not delayed by having to search for needed files. Information can be presented quickly and accurately.  Read more...

Supply Chain Management

Usually considered as a complex and knowledge intensive process, management of supply chain can benefit significantly from the implementation of RFID technology

The term Supply chain covers all possible processes involved in

  The flow of goods from manufacturing to customer
  Including manufacturing
  Distribution and transportation
  Distribution and transportation
  Administration and planning

Thus, supply chain management covers all these steps in combination with marketing decisions, customer demand, in alignment with general corporate strategy and goals.